5 Common Truck Driver Health Risks and How to Avoid Them

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Professional career as truck driver is highly challenging, and one has to deal those challenges with precision to sustain in this sphere of professional services for long time. The major challenge that all truck drivers faces is health issue. Several health issues can arise, if you are a trucker for at least 4 to 5 years. Some of the common health concerns of truck drivers have been discussed below, along with some possible measures to avoid those health issues.

1. Sleeping Disorder or Insomnia

Truck drivers often have to drive overnight to various locations. Time is a big factor in industrial domains and that is why truck drivers have to sacrifice their sleep for the night in order to deliver goods on time. If you are driving extensively for a few years, it is common that you would start facing sleeping disorders. Lack of sleep or rest can cause insomnia or various other kinds of mental traumas. Nevertheless, such mental health condition can lead to serious physical health illness. The solution is following a good routine, when you are on a leave. You can even contact psychotherapists for relief.

2. Chronic Back Paining

Chronic back pain is definitely a big problem for all truck drivers. They need to sit on the wheel for long time, and that is why back pain or waist pain can happen quite commonly. To avoid back paining, it is always good to take a few hours’ rest, while letting your assistant drive. Also, you need to do constant exercises or yoga to get rid of chronic back paining. If pain becomes severe, consulting a doctor is highly recommended.

3. Gastric Problems

When you are on an assignment of delivering goods, it is quite obvious that you have to take foods from countryside inns. Too much oily or spiced up foods are not good for health, especially when you do not have adequate rest for your body. All you need is trying to get health foods. It is also good to take small meals on the regular basis even when you are on an assignment. Keep your stomach filled up to stay healthy.

4. Vitamin Deficiency

Due to irregular schedule for having meals, truck drivers also face vitamin deficiency. This is quite a common phenomenon. Due to vitamin deficiency, heath condition can deteriorate abruptly. It can cause lack of immunity, which can further lead to easy falling for various kinds of physical disorders. To counter vitamin deficiency, consult a doctor and take vitamin supplements on regular basis.

5. Heart Problems

Heart attack or cardiac arrest is common for truck drivers. And once again, this happens due to irregular food habit and sleeping disruptions. To avoid heart disease, you should quit smoking, and lower your consumption of alcohol. 


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Steps to Follow in Filing the Tax Form 2290

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If you are the owner and the operator of a heavy vehicle, then you would have to file form 2290. The government generally imposes a completely different rate and scheme of taxing for the vehicles that weight above 55,000 pounds. The IRS 2290 form needs to be filed within the months of January to December. Failing to file and submit the 2290 tax form can result in legal trouble and penalties as well. It is necessary for you to remember that the calendar year for Heavy Highway Vehicle starts from 1st July and ends on 30th June. Business operators and owners should not only accomplish the form, but they also need to complete Schedule 1. Schedule 1 is the listing of all those heavy vehicles which are taxable. This list needs to be completed and attached to the 2290 form.

truck tax 2290Src: Flickr

Getting Form 2290

Form 2290 can easily be obtained from the Internal Revenue Service. Nowadays, people can use various other options for getting this form. They can easily get these forms from the physical office of the IRS. They can also download the form online. What needs to be done next is printing and then filling out the form. The instructions need to be checked thoroughly. Each step has to be followed carefully. If you miss any step you might fall into great problem.

Filling Out the Form

Filling out the IRS 2290 form is not a very difficult thing to do. The form can be understood very easily and the information required in generally self-explanatory. You have the option of calling the IRS in case of any concerns or questions in regards to the form filling procedure. You can reach the IRS by calling on its various toll free numbers. Try talking to a personnel in order to get proper and clear instructions. You need to provide your demographic information right at the top of 2290 form. The details that you need to provide include your address, name, city, employer identification number and state. The reason for filing the tax form should also be stated. Common reasons behind submitting this form include address change, correction of the vehicle ID number or final return and amended return.

Computing for the Applicable Taxes

You need to work on Part I of 2290 form in order to compute the applicable taxes. The first six lines of Part I of the form need to be checked. These sections will give you information on whether the vehicle qualifies for the tax payment or not. You will also be guided through the applicable rates of using the heavy vehicles on the public highways. Once you are done with the process of figuring out your use of the heavy vehicle, sum up the total credits and the tax. Information on the rates is available on Page 2 of 2290 form. Line number six should contain the overall balance.

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The Main Intention of the 2290 Form As Per the IRS

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The main purpose of the 2290 form is sending out information regarding the usage of a particular truck and paying taxes on that usage to the Internal Revenue Service or the IRS. Trucker owners can make the effective use of form 2290 tax for single truck filing and even for making the payments of due taxes on a fleet of trucks either for one or for multiple companies. One of the most important objectives of filing this form apart from making payments of the taxes required to the IRS is getting a proof of tax payment. This is because the Department of Motor Vehicles would completely restrict and stop the registration of a particular vehicle if the vehicle owner is not able to produce a receipt for the payment of 2290 taxes. This, of course, is a great problem for the truck operators and owners as they would not be able to carry out their business in a smooth and efficient manner.

form 2290 truck

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E-Filing Form 2290

Tax year in regards to the HVUT and the form 2290 is not similar to the calendar year. Usual tax year starts from 1st July and ends on 30th June.  The HVUT and form 2290 is generally due by 31st August of the consequent year. It has been made mandatory by the IRS that forms 2290 with more than 25 vehicles need to be e-filed which actually helps in expediting the form filing procedure and even helps in saving a lot of time. E-filing form 2290 also makes way for the easy management of files by the truck owners and even by the IRS.

Why go for E-Filing Procedure?

The 2290 form has been divided into two significant parts and this is one reason why e-filers enjoy certain extra advantages in comparison to the ones who file in person. The online websites that provide e-filing opportunities to the filers generally hold a useful database of different filer vehicles. Therefore, the filers just need to provide the necessary information once and then get the information recalled on the date of the next filing stage. Form 2290 includes the form and the schedule 1. Schedule 1 of the form is required to be stamped by the Internal Revenue Service for registering a particular vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles of a state. Taking the services of an online filing company will not only help you in saving a lot of time but will also avoid you from putting in a lot of effort in the form filing procedure. Carriers these days do not have to take the burden of deciding the filing procedure of the form 2290 tax and the HVUT since the IRS already has the e-file providers listed on its website. All the e-file providers listed on IRS website are IRS approved and they have the capability of electronically filing form 2290 within an extremely affordable range.

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Online or Electronic Filing of IRS 2290 Form

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The HVUT or Heavy Vehicle Use Tax needs to be filed by truck drivers and truck owners each year. IRS 2290 filing can be very problematic and burdensome especially due to the fact that individuals need to stand in a long queue in order to go through and complete the entire procedure. This becomes extremely difficult for the businessmen who operate and administer large trucking companies because they need to manage offices, monitor employees and even keep the trucks running. Among all these things, it becomes very difficult for the businessmen to keep a track of the Form 2290 due dates.

Online Filing of Form 2290

Time has an important role to play in trucking business. Business owners are required to meet their deadlines on time. Failing to do so can land them in great trouble with some greatly disappointed clients waiting for them on the other end. IRS 2290 filing was generally done at the physical office of the IRS or the Internal Revenue Service department. It was only in the year 2008 that the electronic system of IRS 2290 filing was introduced. The online form makes it very easy for individuals to fulfill all their obligations in the form of a truck driver or an owner. 

Why is it Important to Pay HVUT?

The main reason behind putting HVUT in place was protecting the roads in America. This is because the roads are likely to get damaged with thousands of heavy vehicles crossing the breadth and the length of America on a regular basis. Responsible truck owners and drivers always want the roads for their trucks to be in good shape for a very long time. Roads are required to be resurfaced and re-paved constantly in order to remain in good condition for the vehicles to run on them smoothly. It is also important to build new bridges and new roads. The tax that the owners or the drivers pay against their heavy vehicles is generally used up for meeting these endeavors. The 2290 form that drivers or vehicle owners fill out is also used for various other things like driver’s education, law enforcement patrols, maintenance work for roads and for the crews built for emergency response.

Why are Due Dates Important?

As a heavy weight motor vehicle owner, it is very important for you to remain aware of Form 2290 due dates. You can either file the form by visit the IRS office personally or by using the internet. Both the ways are easy but you need to keep in mind that you will have to wait for at least some weeks in order to get the entire procedure completed precisely. However, remaining aware of Form 2290 due dates and filing the form online saves you from the hassle of spending a lot of time and money in completing the entire procedure.

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IRS Has Planned Outage

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IRS has a planned outage between 12/26/2014 – 01/09/2015 on 2290 Schedule-1

More info here: 


Kindly File before Dec 26 to avoid any hindrance.

Register Now

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Form 2290: Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return

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If you plan on operating a vehicle that can be used to carry a load across a public highway then it is up to you to determine whether or not your vehicle falls under the category of heavy highway vehicle or a standard vehicle. If it turns out that you do own a heavy highway vehicle then you will be required by the IRS to fill out a form 2290 for each year you are in possession of that vehicle.


What is a Heavy Highway Motor Vehicle?

According to the IRS, “A highway motor vehicle includes any self-propelled vehicle designed to carry a load over public highways, whether or not it is designed to perform other functions.” Some examples of vehicles designed to carry loads over public highways are tractors, buses, and trucks.


What is a Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax?

The heavy vehicle use tax, HVUT, is a fee assessed to vehicles that operate on public highways at a weight that is equal to or greater than 55,000 pounds. This vehicle must be in use and in order to be considered in use a vehicle must be using its own motor in order to function and get around. If you have a heavy highway motor vehicle that you use on the roads with a weight of 55,000 pounds or more you must file a Form 2290 and pay the associated fees.


src: Flickr


What is a Heavy Highway Vehicle Owner Responsible for?

As the owner of a heavy vehicle it is your responsibility to:

· Figure out and pay the total tax due on your vehicle while it was used during the tax period

· Claim a suspension from the tax if you expect to use your vehicle for less than 5,000 miles during the period

· Claim a credit for any taxes that were paid on vehicles that were sold, stolen, destroyed or used for 5,000 miles or less

· Report the purchase of a used taxable vehicle that has been suspended


Are There any Exemptions to the Tax?

In order to be exempt from the IRS 2290 tax a highway motor vehicle must actually be used and operated by:

·         A state or local government

·         The Federal Government

·         The District of Columbia

·         The American National Red Cross

·         A nonprofit volunteer fire department or rescue unit

·         An Indian tribal government that uses the vehicle for essential tribal needs

·         Blood collector organizations that are qualified to use blood collector vehicles


What if My Vehicles’ Status Changes?

If you intend on using your heavy highway vehicle for 5,000 miles or less then you will need to claim a suspension for your vehicle. If that vehicle exceeds 5,000 miles in that tax period then the tax becomes due. You can also claim a credit for any tax you paid on a vehicle that is sold, stolen, destroyed or used for 5,000 miles or less.

Heavy vehicles and their drivers are the world’s saviors. They bring food to stores from the manufacturers. Transport heavy machinery that no other type of vehicle can carry. At the end of the day, these vehicles hold a huge responsibility in maintaining the highway by filing their returns accurately and on time.

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Do Not See By Counting On Your Taxes Paid Through IRS Form 2290 but See the Mounting Consummate Benefits of Your Tax Paying For the USA Nation

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Nevertheless of your high caliber and as a good service professional as operating your trucking industry it is important to have a reciprocal approach that you do with your clients or customers in order to retain them in your list of clientele despite the competition of the same business around you. It is same way important to have a quality and integrity to respond to whatever government department needs and here we talk about responding to IRS 2290 tax form as prescribed for you for timely submission of your tax returns.

Unlike other countries, as we believe the federal government in USA is fair in its approach and every dollar is counted and accounted for as you pay towards 2290 tax money and like yours and every other trucker and entrepreneur as new would have to submit to this indispensable tax collection for the nation benefit.

Every dollar is counted and accounted for towards mounting an invaluable contributions as so many dollars towards servicing the national highways and bridges and also for upbringing new infrastructures either to build or rebuild the new route ways and this will certainly consummate as a reciprocation from the government for you to use such roadways and resources towards your path of successful destination for not only in serving the general public through your transportations but also understandably in making your business returns mounting as gradual and proportional as per your business size.

Img Src: Flickr

The rules and regulations for your industry has been ever evolving through FMCSA based on several ups and downs and through trial and error methods which IRS has understood through genuine sources and that’s why they structured the reasonable clause element in their form 2290 instructions for you to study and re-correct your course of tax payments towards tax form 2290.The earlier method of paper filing is fading away giving a way to e-filing as recommended by IRS.

Now you can conveniently do e-filing the fast and secure way from where-ever you are and on timely basis on any time of the day throughout 24/7 and in all 365 days through your IRS Certified tax partner and service provider Etax2290.com to keep intact of your tax payment records for any annual payments by every 30th June of any year and also for any first use of your heavy commercial heavy vehicle that was used on USA national highways. The first use term means the heavy vehicle with its part intact and is ready with the engine started for use on highways.

When you first use your heavy vehicle on USA national road highways any day in this August month must e-file IRS form 2290 before or by 30th September 2015 through IRS service provider Etax2290.com and this order continues and follows concurrently for any first use in the following months say if the first use is going to be on any day of September month 2015 then should file before or by October 31st 2015. Secure your way to count your business profits and mount the national resources through your untiring efforts through your trucking business operations.

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IRS e-file Service Planned Outage: August 30 - September 1 2014

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IRS e-file service will be unavailable beginning Saturday, August 30, 2014 until Monday, September 1, 2014, due to an annual power outage. Rush your filings before 08/29 5PM to get your schedule-1 on time. August filing due date will be 09/02/2014.

REGISTER NOW and start E-filing today.

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Tax Form 2290 Compliant Is The Best Way To Be Non-Complaint For Truckers

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It is indeed the meanings of the word that changes between COMPLIANT and COMPLAINT that’s how English works out. Here we mean the truckers versus IRS. As in both cases, each may be either compliant or complain about each circumstances. With IRS as a federal body to collect taxes for nation’s purpose have every say and a meaning for the word as it stands. For truckers and fleet owners, let us assume if they fail to be non-compliant to IRS ruling towards form 2290 e-file, then they have every right to make a complain but not without a reasonable clause as mentioned in IRS instructions however need to be examined by IRS on as case to case basis. The federal rule of IRS is final though.

The rules are made to be universal and not favoring a trucker. This has to be uniform and that’s why the federal structure and characteristics are possessed with highly learned professionals who are fit to guide the rulers in order to imbibe confidence among the general public as of the people, by the people and for the people. The USA democracy is mostly appreciated because of begotten independence on July 4th 1776. The most respected and supremacy of USA leadership the world over is because of the acclaimed Native Americans and with encompassing non-apartheid including acceptance of various national origins as settlers much to add towards the glory of USA as a nation.

tax form 2290Src: Flickr

Coming back to our subject, it is simple to understand that a country as USA is much more important than any individual or a group performing a business in USA. Truckers should complain on any litigation arising out of any undue tax collections through IRS form 2290 and IRS through certified tax partner and service provider Etax2290.com is here to clarify and sort out to solve the undue tax problems through refunds. But truckers who are not tax compliant will always get a reminder as a complaint from IRS. Here-in e-filing plays a vital role unlike paper filing and truckers can have a track record of what is they owe to IRS and what is the claim only if followed meticulously.

IRS always recommend e-filing through the certified tax partner and service provider Etax2290.com as the best source for filing a single commercial heavy vehicle or fleet of heavy vehicles for any first use as well as for annual filing to be compliant to IRS and not as a complainant.

First use of any heavy commercial vehicle on National highways happens to be this month August then file by before 30th September and this follows up concurrently for other months of any first of your commercial heavy vehicle to be maintained to file and report by the last day of the following month unless otherwise it is a holiday. Annual filers of their heavy vehicles weighing 55,000 pounds per each vehicle have to report IRS by 30th June 2015 is the compliance as expected by the federal body IRS. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to Labor Day weekend, IRS e-filing servers will be down for maintenance from 8/30/2014 to 09/01/2014.

Any submission made during this period will only be processed and accepted by the IRS on 09/02/2014.

So kindly e-file before 30th August with www.Etax2290.com

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Truckers Have To Reach a Destination for a Purpose of Their Business Ends and Along One Such Purpose Are to File Excise Form 2290 on Time for This Tax Period Beginning July 1st 2014

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The excise form 2290 opens up the tax period beginning July 1st 2014 and ends on June 30th 2015 for truckers and fleet-owners that run their heavy motor vehicles weighing 55,000 pounds or more on public highways of USA.

The excise form 2290 opens up the tax period beginning July 1st 2014 and ends on June 30th 2015 for truckers and fleet-owners that run their heavy motor vehicles weighing 55,000 pounds or more on public highways of USA. As they near their destination day beginning July 1st 2014,it is inevitable that the excise form 2290 need to be filed by them to get the current schedule 1 acknowledgement for their successful conduct of transporting industry for plying across USA states highway roads to be given for authorization as needed by the states. 

This is true for truckers and fleet-owners who may be an individual, running corporate companies; small, medium, and big corporations, Limited liability companies LLCs, Q-Subs and single-owned disqualified entities who must figure and report tax of excise form 2290 to IRS for this current period starting July 1st 2014. The period has already started for truckers and fleet-owners to figure and pay the tax form 2290 due on a vehicle for which they completed the suspension statement on another form 2290 and if that vehicle later exceeded the mileage use limit during the period.

For the reminder of truckers and fleet-owners it is also to be noted to figure and pay the tax form 2290 due if, during the period, the taxable gross weight of a vehicle increases from the minimum 55,000 pounds and the vehicle falls into a new category say more than the said minimum applicable taxable weight of 55,000 pounds for highway motor vehicle and the category for the tax payable towards excise form 2290 varies is applicable according to the weight varies from the starting recommended taxable heavy motor vehicle of 55,000 pounds. The table as reference to truckers and fleet-owners and as provided in IRS instructions manual of excise form tax 2290 may suggest the exact tax dues as payable beginning July 1st 2014 by the truckers and fleet-owners. 

2290 truck tax filingSrc: Flickr

It is also true to be noted and be abided by truckers and fleet-owners for figuring and reporting tax form 2290 due on a used taxable vehicle acquired and used during the period and as per IRS excise form 2290 instructions.

IRS mandatorily made e-filing of form 2290 through certified tax-partner and service provider like us, during current and every tax period beginning July 1st 2014 and as compulsory for fleet-owners that run 25 heavy motor vehicles or more with the starting applicable weight of minimum 55,000 pounds and from there-on and according to the increasing weight of the highway motor vehicle as used on public highway that may  result in different tax structure due as payable to IRS that varies as per the table calculations as given in IRS manual instructions.IRS equally recommends truckers who run less than 25 heavy motor vehicles on USA public highways to e-file tax form 2290 as advisable through IRS certified service-provider http://www.Etaxform2290.com to get schedule 1 acknowledgement in minutes through e-mail and mobile notifications for their use.




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