5 Common Truck Driver Health Risks and How to Avoid Them

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Professional career as truck driver is highly challenging, and one has to deal those challenges with precision to sustain in this sphere of professional services for long time. The major challenge that all truck drivers faces is health issue. Several health issues can arise, if you are a trucker for at least 4 to 5 years. Some of the common health concerns of truck drivers have been discussed below, along with some possible measures to avoid those health issues.

1. Sleeping Disorder or Insomnia

Truck drivers often have to drive overnight to various locations. Time is a big factor in industrial domains and that is why truck drivers have to sacrifice their sleep for the night in order to deliver goods on time. If you are driving extensively for a few years, it is common that you would start facing sleeping disorders. Lack of sleep or rest can cause insomnia or various other kinds of mental traumas. Nevertheless, such mental health condition can lead to serious physical health illness. The solution is following a good routine, when you are on a leave. You can even contact psychotherapists for relief.

2. Chronic Back Paining

Chronic back pain is definitely a big problem for all truck drivers. They need to sit on the wheel for long time, and that is why back pain or waist pain can happen quite commonly. To avoid back paining, it is always good to take a few hours’ rest, while letting your assistant drive. Also, you need to do constant exercises or yoga to get rid of chronic back paining. If pain becomes severe, consulting a doctor is highly recommended.

3. Gastric Problems

When you are on an assignment of delivering goods, it is quite obvious that you have to take foods from countryside inns. Too much oily or spiced up foods are not good for health, especially when you do not have adequate rest for your body. All you need is trying to get health foods. It is also good to take small meals on the regular basis even when you are on an assignment. Keep your stomach filled up to stay healthy.

4. Vitamin Deficiency

Due to irregular schedule for having meals, truck drivers also face vitamin deficiency. This is quite a common phenomenon. Due to vitamin deficiency, heath condition can deteriorate abruptly. It can cause lack of immunity, which can further lead to easy falling for various kinds of physical disorders. To counter vitamin deficiency, consult a doctor and take vitamin supplements on regular basis.

5. Heart Problems

Heart attack or cardiac arrest is common for truck drivers. And once again, this happens due to irregular food habit and sleeping disruptions. To avoid heart disease, you should quit smoking, and lower your consumption of alcohol. 


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